Application based Interventions for Continuous Learning-Continuous Reflective Performance

Performance Enhancement

Learning Agility

People Development

Great Performance is a result of Skill, Will and the experience of conscious Application!

Our uniquely designed 'Gamified Learning' methodologies - like digital Simulations and Business Games- sets up the "Safe Learning Space" for your People to experience Knowledge in actual application and learn from it.

In an extreme VUCA world we bring in new age methodologies to drive impactful, applicable learning that impact business results.

What's more we customise the Simulations to your specific business Need for maximum impact

What are we addressing?

Organisations and their Employees face a business scenario that is ever more complex and uncertain.

Past frameworks and models are often inadequate in today's situation. This is impacting both productivity and employee's personal well being.

Levensloop Learning provides solutions based on enhancing personal and organisational agility leading to higher productivity on one hand.

It provides solutions for Employees and Teams to face the impact of this tremendous volatility- extreme Stress, Burn-out, not being able to manage Work-Life Balance on the other.


The Aim: to have more Productive, happier Workplaces


What We Offer

Application-oriented Learning and Performance Enhancement Tools for today's Workplace

  • Algorithm based Simulations for Performance Enhancement

  • Agility Pathway

  • Changing Workplace Behaviours 

  •  Creating Leadership Pipeline for a VUCA world

Levensloop interventions bridge the gap between "People" and "Process" through application of knowledge in a dynamic "Real-life" setting.

Mastering Performance @Work

Our Simulations enable your People to turn their potential into Performance.

  • Algorithm based. Hence, dynamic

  • Customised to your business need

  • Case study based

  • Enables application of Knowledge in "Real Life" situations in the simulator

  • Combines 'Whole Brain' thinking

  • Measures progress constantly

  • Brings forth nuances of actual work in that field of Management

Agility @ Work 

In an extremely volatile World where the 'uncontrollable' variables are increasing exponentially Learning Agility and Practicing Agility are the need of the hour.

We help you become agile- as Individuals, Teams and even as Organisations.

  • Programme on Organisational Agility

  • Agile Process Foundations

  • Learning Agility

  • Agile Project Management Certifications

  • Agile Project Management Leadership Simulation Intervention

Mastering Self

In this we help Organisations tackle the most complex and debilitating real issues of People at Work.

  • SuperFocussed- Regaining Life Balance. 

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Inculcating Learning Agility

These powerful workshops are designed to define and illustrate the issue to the participants and offer Tools and Techniques to ensure success as a Practitioner.

With more than 80% of the Employee workforce complaining of Workplace Stress, not being in control of their own work life and a feeling of being overwhelmed, we have chosen that as one critical area of work. 

People carry biases unconsciously. These may be rooted in various different stereotypes. However, they end up derailing Teamwork and even breaking Team morale, not to talk of Team productivity.

Learning Agility is clearly being identified as a fundamental Competency in the evolving world, with the power to influence performance and an Organisation's business Outcomes.

Our Workshop on Learning Agility introduces the participants to the "why" and the "how" of becoming an Agile Learner.   

This series of Workshops are

  • Virtual, Instructor-led

  • Interactive

  • Encompassing Tools & Techniques

  • Application oriented

  • With Pre and Post Knowledge measurement  

Sharpening the Saw @Work

Performance Coaching helps successful Managers become even more successful. 

As you Lead People at Work you will need to be equipped to be a more effective Leader. And the complexities have only risen.

  • Top Management Leadership Programme

  • Manager as a Coach Programme

  • Creating an Organisational Leadership Pipeline programme

Our Coaches are experienced Professionals carry highly credentials from ICF, Marshall Goldsmith SCC or both and have years of experience of working with Coachees  from different stages of top Organisations

  • Virtual or Physical

  • One on One or Group

  • Measurable & Evidence based


Simulation based Training Programmes for Mastering Performance @Work

Simworks Simulations are algorithm based learning Simulations, that enable participants to apply theoretical Knowledge to practical application and learn from the process. They are Instructor led and are based in immersive experience

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Through hands-on practice this Simulation enables you to understand how to implement an Agile Scrum project. You try, experiment and learn as nuances are revealed

Achieving Sales Leadership involves understanding the Process of Sales and being able to lead your Team effectively. This Simulation brings to fore the value of Process Orientation, the intricacies of People Leadership and the levers available to achieve your stated goals

Project Leaders know the Process side of managing an EPC project. This Simulation trains you on the People side of managing a project successfully. Also trains you to handle volatility and unforeseen events

Learn the fascinating interconnectedness of different variables in Marketing strategy. Understand the cost and the impact of Decision making.Hone your skills as a strategic Marketer

Agility @ Work

The sheer Volatility and Complexity present in todays VUCA world is forcing new and unplanned events happen randomly and regularly.This is forcing Professionals to reexamine past Knowledge. This Change is happening at a feverish pace. To keep on the ball, the professional today not only has to reexamine 'Knowledge', even work out new sources of 'Knowledge' and find out faster ways of applying this Knowledge and learning from it.
Clearly we have arrived at an age of Continuous Learning-Continuous Reflective Performance. 

Organisational Agility

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Agile Process

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Agile Certifications

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Agile Project Leadership

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Mastering Self @ Work

Workplaces are undergoing a maelstrom of change. There is unbelievable pressure from the industry environment at large and enormous pressures internally.

Employees feel overwhelmed. In recent surveys across the world, more than 75% Employees have reported experiencing extreme Stress and Burnout. The volatility added by the Pandemic and the subsequent global events have only added to the sense of extreme depression, not being able to focus and loss of motivation. All of this is impacting Productivity at Work.

Our focussed Mastering Self@Work Workshops are designed to help Individuals and Teams with clearly implementable Tools and Techniques to overcome the issues involved.

These are highly practical and based on wide research.

  • Achieving SuperFocus: Regaining Life Balance

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Mastering Learning Agility


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Achieving SuperFocus:
Regaining Life Balance
Unconscious Bias
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Mastering Learning Agility
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How do You benefit ?

Applicable Training- takes your Associates beyond Theory and develop applicable Skill

Simworks Simulations

The Agile Ways of Working creates a Pathway for agility in People and Organisation

Agility Pathway

Enables you to overcome derailers- Stress & Burnout, hidden biases & be your best selves at Life &Work

Mastering Self

A Force Multiplier for every Manager to be even more successful.The powerful ladder for the next step!

Performance Coaching

Built for today's Workforce

The Age profile at the Workplace has become significantly lower with the entry of the Millenials.

They bring in new ways of working and learning.

Coupled with the fact that the world itself has grown tremendously more complex What they learn and How they learn are completely different from the past generations.

Imaginative Tech

Encompasses Volatility

Measurable Learnings


Magic of Learning Simulators

Simworks Simulators are Learning Simulators. They help you 'Play and Learn'

  • Digital Simulations are unique and intelligent ways of creating a "Real-life" like situation for your People to practice.

  • Simulator carries Intelligence to create randomised events similar to the challenges faced by the executive in real work life and learn to analyse, absorb and apply learnings

  • Simworks Simulators combine both People and Process issues in management

  • The Simulator, as the Practice Pitch, prepares the executive for real-life execution with least mistakes or highest levels of Productivity

  •  Leads to actual increase in both Knowledge and Skill

  • Measurable Business impact

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Some of the most well managed Indian and Global Organisations trust us to work with them. These are Organisations that are at the cutting edge of their Industries.

As a Four year old we can proudly say that we work with and create learning Solutions for some of the best Learning Organisations in the contemporary Industry

What Our Clients Say

This Simulation programme is really like making yourself a pilot, so that you can fly the plane....
Agile Certifications may give you the 'Science' of the Agile process, this gives you the 'Art'....

Head Agile Transformation Centre, global IT Services organization

"I am not new to Agile.. yet, using the Simulator I have learnt the best Practices and how I can track and improve performance. What are the Factors that I can look for...

Senior Project Associate, Top Indian global IT organisation