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Theres hardly a business that doesn't have Sales at its heart.... the trouble is how well-prepared is the heart and how strongly is it beating!

You may have the most fantastic Product, its success will depend upon how well its sold. That includes, Customer Experience while interacting with you on any of your Customer facing activities, your People, Processes and Customer Empathy. All of these work beyond the impact of the Product or the Solution. So, in the increasingly VUCA world, what are the Competencies that are critical for success as a Sales Professional?

Critical Sales Competencies

What makes a great Sales leader? What are the competencies, Skills and Attitudes that high-performing Sales Teams need to hone which will take them a long way towards success?

The Problem
Sales people come to lead Teams essentially through the following two reasons-
a. they have been a great Individual performer
b. they were leading a Team in another Organisation and were hired by yours

Precious little is done to help them understand, absorb and display the key Competencies required to be a successful Sales Manager.
Worse still, more often than not, more and more Product Training is done in the name of Sales Manager development programme.
Even fundamentals like the dynamic between the Team, the Task and the Individual is not brought out. Competencies like Working with and Through People, Active Listening, Challenging and Educating, Creating a Vision and Customer Oriented Behaviour are a far cry.
Our Sales Management development programmes are specifically designed to address this gap. They are execution-oriented and help Sales team leaders to understand, implement and Measure.    
Equally important is the issue of
Client Retention. Business grows only by retaining valued Clients. But Client Retention is a complex business involving People- both in your side as well as in theirs and Processes and Process orientation in both sides.
With our world-class "Clients in Perpetuity" programme, we help you understand the issues involved and appreciate the challenges. We also help you with a detailed set of Tools and a Framework which you could apply to retain hi-value Clients over long periods of time.

All our Interventions are designed for practical application. We don't just dwell in theory. 

Sales Leadership Excellence Programmes

Unique Programmes-globally- that will set you up to succeed in the B2B Sales profession!

Competencies of an Effective Sales Manager

This unique Simulation based programme covers both the Left and the Right Brain competencies required by a Sales Manager to succeed.

You will master the concepts of Team dynamics, the complex stages of a Team development, the Leader's role as a Facilitator and a Coach.

The Programme makes you understand and practice the Competencies required by successful Sales Leaders in a simulated environment, ensuring deep Learning.

  • ​12 hrs; Digital Simulation based

  • Virtual/Physical, synchronous

  • Case Study based Simulation work

Challenger Sales: Authentically Adding Value to the Sale

Learn how to elevate the Sales discussion to a different level by creating a higher Idea of the Solution. Learn the techniques to Educate, Elevate,Empower the Client.

This changes the value of the Solution altogether

  • ​8 hrs, Master Facilitator-led

  • Virtual/Physical, synchronous

  • Case Study based, with Exercises

Principles of Key Account Management

Learn from Practitioners the  Art & Science of Key Account Management, which is much bigger than Managing a pipeline. It deals with the techniques to understand the Customer Journey from one stage to another and how to handle each stage methodically.

Master the key processes of the KAM process, understand the key Matrix. Very importantly, understand the Behavioural Competencies required to succeed as a KAM

  • 10 hrs

  • Live, Virtual/Physical, synchronous,

  • Master Facilitator led

Sales Negotiation 101

Most Sales process has Negotiations inherent in it. It can be a simple or complex negotiation, that may include multiple factors other than just Price.

Depending upon the Scope and the Scale of the Negotiation it may include many other factors including product Configuration, Deployment,Financing, Servicing,Warranties and Guarantees. 

Learn about Negotiation techniques, and understand when to do what in a tough Negotiation situation.

  • ​8 hrs, Master Facilitator-led

  • Virtual/Physical, synchronous

  • Case Study based, with Exercises

Value Based Selling: Protecting Value as a Process

Value of a Solution is what it means to then Client's business, the Value it adds to them.

It's an intangible. So, how do you arrive at the Value of the Solution being provided and how can you scaffold the Value-Construct?

Learn the Tools and Practice the Techniques

Your ability to support the Value construct is often the differentiator for your Solution as compared to your Competition.

It also sets the Price for the solution in the Customer's eyes.

  • ​8 hrs;

  • Master Facilitator led

  • Virtual/Physical, synchronous

  • Case Study based, with Exercises

Clients in Perpetuity: Client Retention methods in Managed Services

All B2B Sales Leaders know that theres money in the CLV. This is even more true of the businesses where you have to invest heavily in the beginning to reap over a period of time.

In this world-class Workshop we empower you with the Tools and levers of the "Clients in Perpetuity" Framework.

This revolutionary Framework gives a practical, open and transparent method of Client retention.

  • 8 hrs, Master Facilitator-led

  • Virtual/Physical, synchronous

  • Case Study based, with Exercises

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