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Master Class

Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Executive judgement is coloured by 'Unconscious Bias'. These can be related to Gender, Race, Religion, Body Type, Age, linguistic abilities. These are often stereotypes that executives carry unconsciously and which often lead them to form wrong assumptions at Work, leading to poor performance.

Our Master Class teaches you techniques to identify a Bias and ways to overcome them.

In an increasingly collaborative work environment with multiple generations working this is critical and leads to significant impact on Team performance

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Mastering Learning Agility

Learning Agility is the competency that enables a person to learn consciously and unconsciously and from all kinds of inputs.It is the ability to pivot away ones' learning from any past knowledge in response to new experience and knowledge.

It is the ability to constantly be able to ask high-quality questions and seek higher-order answers.

In this Master Class we teach the Participants what to imbibe and how to do it.

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Agile Ways of Work

We are in a VUCA world. Old and hierarchical ways of working with Top down decision making may not suit us. increasingly. For they slow us down and do not allow us as businesses to pivot to new realities. You know the famous examples- Nokia could see the arrival and strengthening of Android technology but simply could not change its ways of Decision making.

Our Legacy industries are full of this baggage.

Even while new generations are entering the workforce in multitudes. How can we inculcate a supple way of working? How can we become more agile?

This workshop is transformative and enables Teams to change the way they work.

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Achieving Superfocus

Workplace distractions are the rule. It leads to tremendous amount of frustration amongst executives and a sense of fatigue and burn-out.

It makes them feel that they havent been able to accomplish much despite working hard.

Through this Master Class, we enable the participants to understand "distractors" and techniques to identify and overcome them.

Through a set of practices the participant is able to incorporate in daily life techniques that lead to increased focus and getting work done.

The impact is- increased productivity, happier executives and far reduced stress at the workplace

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Mastering Negotiations

We participate in negotiations all the time- at work and even outside work.

Workplace negotiations can be with Customers, Vendors, other Employees or employee groups, peers etc.Some are more high stake than others.

Often, you will be in a negotiation that has Power asymmetry- both sides may not have equal or even comparable leverages.

In this Workshop we equip you to prepare for and successfully take part in Negotiations. So that you have Outcomes that you wanted!

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Leading Teams

Seldom is a People Manager taught the levers to a better, more effective Team Leadership.

People often become Team Leaders because they are good at their work- i.e. they understand the Technology and their Individual contribution.

But they are not trained with the key levers that she must know if she has to lead a Team of People. 

Our Simulation based programme equips the participants with the Theory and provides the possibility to practice and understand the nuances.

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